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Hire Ruby on Rails Developer

We offer you a challenging job and well structured growth opportunity in the HR /Recruitment domain we will be working with some of the best people who are always willing to lend a hand beyond what is expected in motivating and working as a team their by achieving higher standard in work culture.

Ruby on Rails Developer
  • Expert in Custom App & Software Development, ROR web development, Operating System(Ubuntu), Frameworks(Rails, Scala), Databases(MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, MongoDB), Analytics(Big Data, Apache Hadoop), Scripting/APIs(HTML/5, Javascript, HAML, RHTML, RJS, JSON), Ajax Tools(JQuery, Prototype, Backbone.js, Angular.js), Technologies(Rails, AJAX Technologies, Gems, plugins, libraries, .Net), Testing Methodology( BDD(RSpec& Cucumber), TDD),Servers(Webrick, Mongrel, Phusion Passenger, Apache, Nginix, Thin), Cloud Computing(Amazon AWS, S3, EBS, EC2),Deploying and Scaling(Caching, Sharding, Load Balancing), Rapid development, Theme integration.